Yea! I Finally Got An Indian Scout!

When the 2015 Indian Scout was first unveiled to the public last August in Sturgis, SD, I had to get one!

Four months later, I got one!

Well, at least for a couple of months.  The fine folks at Indian Motorcycle Company agreed to let me have one of their pre-production 2015 Scouts for two months as part of an agreement where I get to ride this road ripping machine in exchange for getting them lots of marketing exposure. In fact, this very website is part of that effort.

On the first I picked up this smoke-black colored, pavement-punching tire shredder, I took it through downtown San Diego for a little ride and a bite to eat.  I stopped by to see my friend Mandy to show it off. She loves the flat black paint and the blacked-out wheels. But I’m a busy girl, and got back to my own work as well.



Born and raised in Southern California, I was the daughter of a 1%er. After a 20-year hiatus raising a daughter of my own and being a suburban homemaker, I got back into the motorcycle culture. You can also follow me on my personal biker chick blog, "Sashmouth!" or learn about my marketing business, "Too Much Tina".

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