Two Moto-Chicas & One Moto-Lady

I first met The MotoLady a year ago when she lived here in San Diego. She was working at Cerberus Motorcycles and organized an anniversary party there. But I had been following her blogging for awhile now and loved the photos of femme-fatales who rode their own.

So when MotoLady announced her 4th Anniversary Party dubbed, “Quality Control” up in Long Beach, I had promised to go.

My friend Madhavi, who rides a Honda Shadow, had also met MotoLady and wanted to go. So the two of us rode up there…

Quality Control was actually more of a combination helmet show and anniversary party. There were lots of customized bikes there, but it wasn’t a Harley-fest like a lot of motorcycle parties can be. It was a even mix of metrics and Americans, cruisers, sportbikes, and cafe racers. There’s a completely different vibe that follows MotoLady around. It’s more about doing your own thing and being respected for it, as opposed to riding what everyone else rides and trying to fit in.

The helmets were hand painted by various artists and put up for raffle.

Meanwhile, the woman-fronted psychobilly act dubbed, “Back Alley Barbers” rocked. There was a taco stand outside, because tacos stands are the bomb. The night was filled with stiff drinks and dirty jokes.

My Scout was the only Indian Motorcycle there. It’s great to see the iconic letter “I” represented amid the usual other moto-brands. Everywhere I go, people walk up to ask if this is the new “Indian”, and express intrigue over the possibilities. They like the idea of being different without having to sacrifice being American.

Note: credit goes to MotoLady and Madhavi for some of the photos above. 


Born and raised in Southern California, I was the daughter of a 1%er. After a 20-year hiatus raising a daughter of my own and being a suburban homemaker, I got back into the motorcycle culture. You can also follow me on my personal biker chick blog, "Sashmouth!" or learn about my marketing business, "Too Much Tina".

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