Indian Motorcycle Toy

I saw this Indian Motorcycle Toy at the San Diego Indian dealer a couple weeks ago, and decided I needed to get one for my great-niece Sophia.

Seeing that I’m the only woman in my family who owns a motorcycle, I felt I needed to pass on the “rude biker chick” tradition to someone and keep it going. Sophia seems to have the right combination of cute, sass, and attitude.  I found this pink Vintage Indian Chief Motorcycle toy on Amazon.

On Christmas, I sat with Sophia and showed her the ropes. She learned how to start up the engine (it actually has an electric motor), and I showed her where the accelerator is (it has a button on the right-foot board). I even got her a Bell Helmet to go with it. All that she needs now is a set of hot-looking biker chick threads to wear (maybe for her birthday?)

It won’t be long until she finds a cute boy to decorate the back seat!


Born and raised in Southern California, I was the daughter of a 1%er. After a 20-year hiatus raising a daughter of my own and being a suburban homemaker, I got back into the motorcycle culture. You can also follow me on my personal biker chick blog, "Sashmouth!" or learn about my marketing business, "Too Much Tina".

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