Riding an Indian Scout at Night

Steve and I prefer to stay in downtown areas because we love the night life. Here in San Diego, there’s plenty of it!

The 2015 Indian Scout is actually a dream to ride at night. First of all, that single headlight is actually pretty darn bright. If you’re concerned that a single headlight is not enough, I actually find the Scout¬†does a pretty good job of lighting up the road in front of me. As for cagers being able to see me at night, well, I’m not sure cagers are paying enough attention as it is, but that’s just my opinion.

Otherwise, on other motorcycles I’ve ridden, night time means not being able to see bumps, dips, and obstacles in the road up ahead. So in other words, you have little time to maneuver and often hit them damn things. But with this Indian Scout, there’s a couple things to consider…

  1. The headlight does a pretty good job of illuminating the road ahead.
  2. The motorcycle handles so well, it gives me opportunity to swerve around them.

OK, my old Ninja 500R handled pretty darn well too, thanks to its narrow wheel-base. But its headlight wasn’t all that great.

As far as being able to find the buttons and switches on the Scout’s handlebars in darkness, I haven’t found much of an issue. Indian did a good job of adhering to standard button placements so that any rider can easily find the turn signal switch, the bright light switch, the horn, etc.

And I really LOVE the reddish colored lighting on the speedometer gauge, it’s so much easier to read than the amber found on other bikes.


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