Ride Up To Menifee

Even though I’ve been staying in San Diego for the winter, I find myself having to visit Menifee about once a week.

Menifee is a small town in Riverside County, about a 60-75 minute ride north along the I-15. I say, “small” because the population at this time is about 84,000 people, which for Southern California, is considered small.

I used to live there. In fact, I still own a home there, which I rent out to my niece’s family, and that’s where I still get my mail. But I also have many friends there, and some clients too.

This is the first time taking the Indian Scout on the freeway, at least in California.  When I wrote the Scout review for Women Riders Now, I took it out on the Interstate in South Dakota, got it up to 120MPH.  This time however, with the congestion so much more heavy along the I-15, it was difficult to get it past the flow of traffic.

But my, oh my! The Scout can fly!

I mean, it’s quite forgiving when you want to be cautious and patient, but it’ll throw your head back whenever you want it to.

My father comes to mind when I’m flying down the road on the Scout. It’s the bike he had often told me about when I was a little girl. Being an American Indian himself, he felt it was the kind of American Iron he wanted to ride. I hope he’s proud of me now.

When I got to Menifee, my first appointment was with Bryan Giardinelli. Bryan is a graphic artist and videographer. Steve and I had hired him for some projects when we ran Menifee 24/7, and eventually hired him to shoot photos for our wedding.

It turns out that Bryan had already purchased a 2015 Indian Scout.  And the same color too!  His would not be delivered until late January 2015.  He bought his without actually seeing one in person.  So, I invited him to sit on this one and get a good feel for it.  I think he’ll look a lot more cool riding a Scout around town instead of the SUV he’s driving now.

Later that evening, I attended the Menifee Valley Chamber of Commerce’s annual Bottle Auction. I used to be a chamber member, and in fact a few years ago was their, “Ms. Menifee Valley” beauty queen. At the Bottle Auction, I caught up with Brian Walker, no relation, the local Farmers Insurance agent in Menifee, and an old friend.

Brian rides a Harley-Davidson Street Bob, but wants to sell it and replace with it some kind of touring bike. I’m sure an Indian Chieftain or Roadmaster would do him pretty well.  But since he hadn’t seen the new Scout yet, I let him sit on this one!



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