Bike Night at Lestat’s Coffee Shop

My first day with the Scout, I took it out to Lestat’s Coffee Shop in the Normal Heights district of San Diego. Alex, a local motorcycle rider who I met through my husband, was there. It was also the site of an impromptu bike night from a group of local sportbike riders who call themselves, “San Diego Riders“.

Lestat’s is known for its younger, more hip clientele. These are folks who love anything indie and anything anti-establishment, which I figure is perfect for the Indian Scout. And since part of the agreement I made with Indian is to take this bike out to motorcycle events, I figured showing at this impromptu bike night was an ideal way to start.

Turns out there were few women riders there. Mind you, these were all sportbike riders, canyon carvers, knee draggers. But there were a couple of gals there who were rather height challenged. They loved the Scout!

One gal said, “This is definitely my next bike”, as she stood the bike up, noticing she could flat foot with the Scout, and felt how light it was.

“It’s a cruiser”, I said. “But it’ll hang with your fellow sportbike riders in the twisties.”

Tomorrow, I take the Scout up to Menifee, to visit my old neighborhood, where I still have friends and clients.


Born and raised in Southern California, I was the daughter of a 1%er. After a 20-year hiatus raising a daughter of my own and being a suburban homemaker, I got back into the motorcycle culture. You can also follow me on my personal biker chick blog, "Sashmouth!" or learn about my marketing business, "Too Much Tina".

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