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sash and daddy

Me with my Daddy

My daddy used to tell me that the motorcycle he always wanted was an Indian Scout.

Somehow, being full-blooded Osage, having an Indian motorcycle was something special.  My mother, who is Choctaw and Chickasaw, saw something both wild and familiar in an American Indian running with bikers.

I grew up in Fontana, CA during the 1960s, 70s, and 80s. It was the steel town and as blue collar as any place could get. My father was an outrider with a 1%er motorcycle club, fencing stolen parts and selling drugs. He and his friends would sit around a kitchen table, behind closed doors, and have their discussions. No one else was allowed in, except for me.  I would sit on his lap, and he’d stroke my hair, while they talked about business.

I was Daddy’s Girl.

Later on, he moved to Provo, UT, joined a 1%er club there, and later became it’s President. He eventually moved back to Southern California in the late 1980s, and died in 1990.

He never got that Scout.

In between those years, my mother and father divorced. Even though I was still “Daddy’s Girl”, I missed him a lot when he was away, and hugged him tight when I saw him.  I fought through alcoholism and drug abuse, suffered from rape, and sank to my lowest low when I considered suicide.  Somewhere, the innocence of youth and the safety of my Daddy’s lap had vanished.

But the birth of my daughter turned me around.  I became sober, found steady work, and was married twice.  Once my daughter grew up and moved out, I found myself remembering the years with my Daddy.

Now with my third husband, who happens to be a motorcycle rider, I feel like I’m living the dream my father chased. I bought my first bike and embarked on a road trip across the United States.  I met so many people, visited so many places, and along the miles I could hear my Daddy speak inside my helmet.  He’d tell me which way to go, he’d whisper words of wisdom when I was confused, and he’d inspire me when I felt defeated.

But I never forgot that he had always wanted an Indian Scout.

In August 2014, at the 74th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, that opportunity presented itself when Indian Motorcycle Company unveiled it’s 2015 Scout. I knew I had to get one. I met several people there from Indian, and told them my story.  As a writer, blogger, and President of my own marketing and PR company, persistence paid off.  Indian happened to have a pre-production 2015 Scout that had been used as a press bike, available for a couple of months.  I was so thrilled to have this bike!

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